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Goju-Ryu Karate Style


Karate-Do Goju-Kai Singapore is an official Singapore Branch of IKGA.

KGS currently has 6 dojos around Singapore and competes regularly in local and overseas competition.

Our vision is to grow and prosper Karate to become an arts and sports known and practised by all.


"more than just a martial arts, but a way of life"

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We believe that the art of Karate is practiced beyond self defense, but can be incorporated into all facets of life.

By building values such as resilience, compassion & humility, we hope to shape our members into individuals with good character and strength.


We strive to build focus, discipline and perseverance, to help Karatekas overcome any challenges in life.


We forge strong friendships through common experiences in training and competitions. Together we are a club, a home, a family.


We hope to create a strong Karate community within Singapore and with clubs all over the world. 


Nur sarah

Simei CC / 4th Kyu

I have trained under KGS for 5 years now, and throughout these memorable times, I have learnt many things and had found a strong interest in karate ever since I joined. I enjoyed going to lessons as I get to meet my friends and learn many new skills and techniques. Every lesson is a new experience for me. Furthermore, I have never met such a dedicated teacher like Sensei Eugene...


Bishan CC / 1st Kyu

In KGS, you feel like home because everyone is kind, helpful and you can really feel the happy bonds between everyone. And I strongly believe Sensei Eugene can nurture every kids in good care. KGS would always look into the welfare & encourage members to participate, locally & internationally, for more exposure. In my initial years, I  joined the team in overseas competitions...

Eddie Tham


I often recommend KGS to friends and families with children. KGS has proven itself to be more than a karate club for my son, Elijah. For the past 5 years, KGS not only taught karate,

but also taught him resilience, responsibilities, determination, and comradeship. It has been a delight to see him progress from a mischievous kid to a responsible senior...

Auntie AZIAN


My 2 children have been joining KGS since 5 years back. The Sensei and Senpais are very nurturing and always make the training sessions engaging and fun. It's not only work but play as well with KGS. Both my children actually look forward to their weekly karate sessions as they have made many friends there. The karate trainings are great workout sessions...

In memory of Shihan David Chew (1944-2017)

We would like to dedicate this website to Shihan David Chew for founding the association, his sacrifice and his dedication in introducing Goju-Ryu Karate-Do to Singapore. 

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