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We are committed to creating a fun, supportive and fruitful learning experience for all members!

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Nur Sarah

Simei Dojo / 4th Kyu

I have trained under KGS for 5 years now, and throughout these memorable times, I have learnt many things and had found a strong interest in karate ever since I joined. I enjoyed going to lessons as I get to meet my friends and learn many new skills and techniques. Every lesson is a new experience for me.


Furthermore, I have never met such a dedicated teacher like Sensei Eugene, as he is always there to support me and others, and motivates us to do our best. He teaches us good moral values that are crucial to good character. I would really recommend KGS to others, as not only will they learn karate, they will also enjoy being part of a bigger family.

October 2021




Bishan CC / 1st Kyu

I started training Karate in Bedok CC in 2010 and have since brought my nephew Immanuel to learn as well. I thought KGS would be a very good place for him to train on discipline, respect, perseverance, team spirit and brotherhood. In KGS, you feel like home because everyone is kind, helpful and you can really feel the happy bonds between everyone. And I strongly believe Sensei Eugene can nurture every kids in good care. KGS would always look into the welfare & encourage members to participate for more exposure. In my initial years in KGS, I  joined the team in overseas competitions and it was fun to compete while enjoying the trip.


Throughout my years, I was also given opportunities to be a Committee Member, Treasurer, Auditor, Competition judge and Referee. It has always been interesting and challenging in every milestones and I learnt a lot in KGS.  There are times when I faced obstacles, felt depressed, and fear but yet, my team mates stood up for me, which made me feel really touched, grateful, and that truly made me braver!! Till now, I still feel KGS is like a second home to me. Just join in our family, and you will feel and know what I mean!

October 2021



Eddie Tham

Parent of Elijah

I often recommend KGS to friends and families with children. KGS has proven itself to be more than a karate club for my son, Elijah. For the past 5 years, KGS not only taught karate, but also taught him resilience, responsibilities, determination, and comradeship. It has been a delight seeing him progress from a mischievous kid to a responsible senior. 

As a parent, I have also travelled with KGS to various overseas competitions.  I have witnessed the club’s prowess in winning medals and also staying positive when it’s members loses. Each competition builds comradeship among its members. The club’s reputation within the region is admirable too.

I like the positive vibes in the club; the trainings are well planned for the kids. Sensei Eugene, the coaches and the seniors put in effort to encourage and guide each individual child. I know my son is well taken care of and he gets proper guidance.

October 2021

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