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The inaugural KGS Spotlight is an initiative that gives recognition to members who contribute to the holistic development of the association beyond competing.

1 Dec 2019 

1st Spotlight

Jintana Tang

For the first installment, we feature Jintana Tang, also known fondly as 'Auntie Jin' in the association.

Jintana Tang, (Green Belt, 6th Kyu) is an active & current member who has been volunteering in the association's activities for 7 years. Her son, Isaiah Tang, is a promising youth in the association too. Her involvement with the association extends from being a volunteer to upholding the responsibility of Hon. Treasurer for KGS in year 2017 - 2018. 

Even when she stepped down, she continues to support the association through being an active member in the Management Committee and sponsoring meals during the association's events.

We truly thank Jintana for her contributions and would like to express how appreciative we are to have her as a valuable asset to the association!

5 Sep 2020 

4th Spotlight

Raymond YOONG

For our fourth instalment, we have a special feature on our little fighter Raymond!

Raymond's dedication to the sport is well recognised in the association. Despite that, Raymond did not rest on his laurels and continued to press on!

During the past few months, Raymond joined many e-competitions ranging from our very own KGS Kata tournament to the JKFan Cup. His talent has not gone unnoticed and his Kata performance was featured on KUS Facebook page.

His enthusiasm and willingness to learn is also exemplified in his consistent self-practices. Beyond that, he constantly seek out new competitions on his own to join and improve himself.

As f-2-f trainings gradually resume, we are confident that Raymond will continue to improve and thrive.


We are extremely proud of you. Well done, Raymond!

25 Sep 2021

7th Spotlight


Hi everyone, welcome to the 7th instalment of KGS Spotlight! Time passes by so fast and finally, we are at the last quarter of 2021.

For this installment, we would like to feature a beloved senior whom we are all too familiar with, Senpai Chua Sheng Da!

Sheng Da has been with the association for 14 years. He is a regular face in local and regional competitions and still an active member in the Karate scene.


He represented the association in 3 major leagues, WKF Karate-1 Series A at Salzburg, Austria and Shanghai, China in 2018 and WKF Karate-1 Series A at Istanbul, Turkey in 2019. These international exposures gave him great insights as a player as well as an acting coach too.

Accredited with the NROC provisional coach certificate and also a certified PA trainer, Sheng Da coaches the senior players in their weekly competition training. 


During the trainings, he incorporates strategies learnt from his years of experiences to the drills and practices. Apart from competition trainings, he also assists the head coach in weekly dojo trainings too. Talk about giving back to the association!

The association is proud of have Sheng Da as a valued member and hopes that he continues to inspire our youth athletes! Keep the star shining Sheng Da!

17 Mar 2020

2nd Spotlight


For our second instalment, we would like to feature our young veteran, Lin Zhi Feng!

Although Zhi Feng is only thirteen, he has been with the association for 5 years and counting! Throughout the years, he has participated in many competitions with us. Although there were setbacks along the way, Zhi Feng never gave up. Instead, he pressed on and cheered for his fellow teammates. His 'team-over-self' attitude is commendable and a true display of sportsmanship. Last December, Zhi Feng earned himself a well-deserved first runner up in the Annual Club Ranking 2019 (Children's category).

We are very heartened to see Zhi Feng's growth throughout the years! 

As a young boy, he showed resilience and emerged from the challenges as a better Karate-ka and person!


As the saying goes: Fall down seven times, get up eight. We are very proud of you, Zhi Feng!

8 Dec 2020 

5th Spotlight


For our fifth instalment, we are featuring the friendly Uncle Eddie!

Uncle Eddie is the father of our junior competitor, Elijah. Over the past few years, he has been travelling to different countries (pre_covid times ) with the association to watch Elijah compete.

An avid photographer, Uncle Eddie enjoys taking photos of the competition scene. Gradually, his interest turned into a key skill that benefitted all of us in the association. The photos are not only a testament to his skills, they are also a record of our association's growth. Apart from his valuable skill, Uncle Eddie generously sponsored KGS championship certifications and printing resources too!

We would like to show our gratitude towards Uncle Eddie for his unwavering support to the association!

4 Jun 2020 

3rd Spotlight


For our third instalment, we would like to feature none other than Kok Xiang Wei!

Some people may find this surname familiar, this is because Xiang Wei’s sister is our fellow member, Kok Shi Yun. The siblings’ duo has both been active members with the association even throughout this Circuit Breaker period.

Xiang Wei first joined the club at 2015, at the recommendation of his sister. Training was not easy for him, as he was alongside many black belts and experienced seniors. However, this did not deter him as he continued to improve and learn throughout the years. It helped that he had the company of like-minded peers which spurred him along the way too. He attended 2 dojo trainings a week. On top of that, he practiced his Kata on his own too.

Despite the shift to online trainings during the Circuit Breaker period, Xiang Wei did not rest on his laurels and continued to attend Zoom classes diligently. He also took part in our association’s inaugural E-Kata Tournament and prepared for it with his sister.


His commitment towards training is commendable and one that we should all learn from. Xiang Wei joined his first competition, SG league, at the end of 2016. Despite going against many veteran competitors, he was undeterred and fought valiantly.


Beyond the Gi, Xiang Wei’s mental tenacity is a true display of a Karate-ka. We are very proud to have him in the association.

14 Jun 2021

6th Spotlight


For our sixth instalment, we would like to feature Dimanya! ⁣

Dimanya has been with the association for 3 years. As she began training competitively, Covid-19 crept in. However, this did not dampen her spirit! Along with other seniors, they sought alternative trainings to complement their fitness regime. A true display of resilience and innovation ⁣

Her consistent hard work paid off. Dimanya earned herself a well-deserved 3rd place for the KGS senior ranking 2020. Another worthy mention would be her examplary performance in the KUS Kumite Mock Event 2021 too. ⁣

In trying times like this, Dimanya's drive shone through and we hope that this motivates the rest of us to do our best as we adapt to the new normal. ⁣

We applaud her for her tremendous commitment and effort!

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