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3rd Manuel Veguilias Memorial Karate Cup 2020

Karate-Do Goju-Kai Singapore has been training and preparing dedicatedly for the 3rd Manuel Veguillas Memorial Karate Cup in Manila from 18 to 19 Jan 2020. Our team trained tirelessly as we prepared to send 13 competitors to . Due to unforeseen circumstances and natural incidents, more than half the team had flights cancelled or withdrew.

A small six competitors team persisted and demonstrated their determination to compete by continuing their journey to Manila. Led by Senpai Chua Sheng Da, the team of mostly first timers fought hard and brought back 1 and 3 . Senpai Sheng Da, the only experienced senior in the team, snagged 2 Bronze medals in both Open Kata and -67KG Kumite despite a change in weight category. Lin Yong Yi earned herself a Bronze medal in Female Cadet Kumite and 7 yrs old Raymond Yoong clinched a hard earned Gold medal in his first overseas trip.

Congratulations to our medallists whose hard work & regular trainings have paid off! Special mention to Nicholas Tan and Ayana Dhewar who bravely took their first step to competing overseas! Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard! To all our KGS members, keep training & competing. Despite the slow start, we look forward to a great year ahead!


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