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Year End Chalet 2022

Ending Year 2022 with a Big Bang! After 3 long years, KGS finally held its Annual Year End Event on the 16th to 18th of December.

It was heartwarming to reunite with fellow dojo mates and also mingle with new friends who joined us! The chalet started off with bonding games and missions for the different teams. For the games finale, each team had a showdown with their battleships! Lastly, we ended off the chalet with a dinner gathering, then the belt presentation for our grading participants.

A big thank you to the organising committee (Shi Yun, Kristel, Jaclyn, Yi Xuan, Dimanya, Shiying, Isaiah, and Nicholas) who made this event a success! We would also like to thank all who participated and joined us in the annual event. With this, have a joyful end to year 2022 and see everyone for more action in 2023!

Watch our Year End Event video here!


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