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Inter-Tertiary (ITKC) & Milo Kids Championship 2022

October was an eventful month for team KGS . A group of 11 members participated in 2 events, Inter-Tertiary Championship (ITKC 2022) held at NUS on 23 Oct & Milo Kids Championship held in Philippines on 30 Oct.

During the ITKC 2022, 8 members competed in 13 events representing their respective schools - Republic Poly (Yongyi, Shengda), Temasek Poly (Isaiah), Singapore Poly (Emmanuel Lim), Singapore Management University (Dimanya Dewangee), Singapore University of Technology & Design (Tan Yi Xuan, Guo Yu Chen, Gareth Tan). We are proud to announce the splendid performance by our members:

Overall schools RP - 2nd Runner up (Represented by 2 students - Yongyi, Shengda) SUTD - 2nd Runner up (Represented by 3 students - Yixuan, Yuchen, Gareth)

4th kyu & above Male Kata - Gold (Shengda),Bronze(Emmanuel, Isaiah) Female Kata - Bronze (Dimanya) Male Kumite -60kg - Gold (Shengda) Male Kumite -67kg -Gold (Emmanuel) Male Kumite +84kg - Gold (Isaiah) Female Kumite +68kg - Gold (Dimanya) Male team kumite - Gold (Isaiah) Male Captain's cup - Gold (Shengda), Bronze (Emmanuel) Female Captain’s Cup - Bronze (Dimanya)

5th kyu & below Female Kumite -68kg (5th Kyu below) - Gold (Yixuan) Female Captain’s Cup -Bronze (Yixuan) Female Kumite -68kg - Bronze (Yuchen)

It was especially heartening to see that regardless of the dojos they are from or which institution they represented, their spirit and unity shone through as they cheered for one another as a family. Congrats to all competitiors!

Aside from our seniors, 4 of our juniors (Lin Yong Yi, Lin Zhi Feng, Elijah Tham, Raymond Yoong) also flew to Manila Philippines to participate in the Milo Super Karate Kids Championships held on 30 Oct.

We are proud to announce the achievements of 2 juniors: - Female Kumite 16-17 years old 59kg -Silver (Lin Yong Yi) - Female Kata Intermediate 16-17 years old - Bronze (Lin Yong Yi) - Male Kumite 14-15 years old 57kg - Bronze (Lin Zhi Feng)

Special thanks to Team Manager Jaclyn, Coach Suhas and Supporters Mia, Kent, Maureen and Eddie for accompanying and helping to keep our juniors safe.

Medals are not a given, but a product of years of hard work & accumulation of experience. Thank you to all supporters & a heartfelt congratulation to all our winners!! Good job & keep the fire burning


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