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KGS National Athletes at World Championship for the first time

Karate-Do Goju-Kai Singapore has always been a highly competitive club and our players are not new to competitions. From local competitions to WKF Karate-1 Series-A, we have had players compete at all levels. Even during a global pandemic, our players have competed in online competitions and recently in the KUS National Kata Championships. Over the last few months, a dedicated group of veteran competitors have been training tirelessly and 3 of our senior players have been selected to represent Singapore at the WKF Senior World Championships 2021 – Dubai.

Today is a very special day for Senpai Chua Sheng Da, Senpai Tan Shi Ying and Senpai Kok Shi Yun as they depart for the championships as part of the National Team to represent Singapore. Their dedication and commitment to training and improving has been nothing short of inspiring. KGS is proud to have our 3 senpais representing us and wish them all the best in their journey ahead!

Senpai Tan Shi Ying will be representing Singapore in the Female Kumite -55kg category. Shi Ying joined KGS at the tender age of 8. Despite stopping her karate training multiple times for exams and other reasons, Shi Ying found herself coming back to KGS time after time. Another seasoned competitor, she has been competing locally and internationally since young and has countless medals yet she still dreams of the day she can represent Singapore and stand on the podium of a major competition. As a young karate-ka, she looked up to her seniors Yew Chong, Adrian, Chiew Hong and Vanessa. Her greatest role model is Sensei Eugene Koh whom she describes as the most selfless and dedicated coach and has this to say about him: “I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today if not for him.” Over the last few months, Senpai Shi Ying juggled school and training and her dedication and persistence has finally paid off as she earned her spot on the National Team through the selections. Her advice for her juniors? “What we have is something rare. We are a small and relatively young community, so here’s a real chance for you to make a difference. You’re never too young or too old, too inexperienced or overambitious to contribute!”

Senpai Kok Shi Yun will be representing Singapore in the Female Kumite -61kg category. Unlike her fellow teammates from KGS, Shi Yun only started her karate journey at the age of 15 and has been with KGS ever since. Inspired by a Jackie Chan movie, she wanted to learn a martial art and was mesmerised by KGS karate at Bedok Community Centre. Since then, she has never looked back. Working full-time, it has not been an easy journey for Shi Yun to juggle both work and training 6 days a week. Despite the long days rushing from work to training and back, she sees this as a golden opportunity and aims to do her personal best to never regret it in the future. Over the last few months, she has sacrificed sleep, social and family time as she pursued her dream relentlessly. Earning her spot in the National Team through the selections, she is proud to be able to represent Singapore. When asked about the intense training sessions building up to the championships, she explained that it has been fun training with the team as everyone helps each other improve. Her advice for others? “Never let the fear of losing hold you back. Being able to take defeat and come back stronger each time is also an achievement in itself. Each time you aim for what seems beyond your reach, you will realise it is worth it and makes for an unforgettable story to tell.”

Senpai Chua Sheng Da will be representing Singapore in the Male Kumite -60kg category. Sheng Da joined KGS at just 8 years old. Even at that age, he dreamt of one day representing Singapore on the international stage. Not new to competitions, he has been actively competing both locally and overseas from as young as 10 years old. A very familiar face in KGS, Senpai Sheng Da actively assists with teaching classes at multiple dojos and in recent months trains the KGS Competition Team players, passing on what he has learnt to the next generation of competitors. Sheng Da has been training relentlessly every day, juggling school and training over the last few months, and has earned his spot on the National Team through the selections. He spent many hours coaching and guiding KGS juniors as they embark on their own karate journey. Always a very supportive senior, his junior Isaiah Tang describes him as "the best senpai who both trains us and trains with us. Sheng Da is hardworking, funny and loved by all!" His advice for other karate-kas? “Great things take time. Never give up on your goals/dreams. Your time to shine will come if you work hard, stay committed, consistent and be disciplined.”


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