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KUS National Kumite Championship 2022

On 29 May 2022, a total of 29 athletes from Karate-Do Goju-Kai Singapore participated in the KUS National Kumite Championship. In the first physical kumite competition held locally, KGS was well represented in 14 out of 19 events and achieved a total of 23 medals comprising of 11, 4 and 8 medals.

As we move towards a life after COVID, the spirit and determination of our athletes are clearly visible. Despite the many struggles in the past two years, KGS athletes have continued to train relentlessly, trusting in the system and committing to endless trainings. Both on and off the tatami, our athletes have shown true sportsmanship as they not only prepare each other for their events but also guide new athletes from other clubs who have not participated in a physical kumite competition before. We are proud of the way our senpais have carried themselves especially our three coaches: Senpai Suhas Shekar, Senpai Chua Sheng Da and Senpai Tan Shi Ying.

Special mentions this year goes to veteran event competitors Zain and Shiva who bravely fought in their first kumite competition and proved that age is but only a number. Also deserving a special mention is not stranger to competition. Senpai Suhas has been training and competing for many years clinched 2 Gold medals (Individual and Team) despite a 2-year hiatus. Lastly, we have Dimanya who clinched her first ever Kumite Gold Medal. She shared that there is no shortcut to winning and nothing replaces hard work and dedication to training.

Congratulations to all who participated regardless of results! KGS is immensely proud of our athletes and their ever-burning fire to compete!

Aside from the competitors, we would like to show our appreciation to the people behind-the-scenes; organiser, coaches, referees and parents. For it was your continual support and dedication that helped strengthen the team and made the event a success.

Firstly, to both Karate-Do Union of Singapore and it's President Mr. Roger Wang for their recognition.

Secondly, to Sensei Eugene Koh for his hard work to train and prepare the team for the competition. Sensei Eugene has encouraged many new players to compete over the past 22 years and groomed the KGS team to where it is today. He has also been volunteering his time to coach the KUS comp team for the past 1.5 years. We acknowledge and applaud his dedication, and for staying true to his values. He remains a role model for many within the club.

Thirdly, to Senpai Jaclyn Tan for being one of the key backstage players in this championship, volunteering her time to help KUS organise the event. She has spent many months to help ensure the event runs smoothly, from coordinating among the participating clubs, planning fixtures, documentation and procuring logistics. Without her help, we wouldn't have the event that took place.

Fourthly, to Senpai James Teo and Senpai Jasper Onn for supporting KUS as referee and judge for the event. Applauding Senpai Jasper for this is his first time stepping up as a judge for a comp. As well as Senpai James who has stepped up as referee & judge for many KUS competitions.

Lastly, we would like to thank all parents for your support during the event and for putting your trust in the club. Your unwavering support means a great deal to us.

Thank you all and we look forward to the next competition!


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