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WKF Karate 1 Series A Jakarta 2022

Last week (19 Nov 2022), 4 of our members (Chua Sheng Da, Emmanuel Lim, Dimanya Dewangee, Tan Shi Ying) competed in the final series A event of the year in Jakarta. The Series A is a set of tournaments organised by the World Karate Federation for competitors worldwide to accumulate points towards their world ranking. It is held throughout the globe, including this year in Pamplona, Cairo, Kocaeli and Jakarta.

The Jakarta event was attended by 545 competitors from 58 countries, many whom are experienced/full time fighters. Shengda and Emmanuel were 2 of the 73 competitors in the Male Kumite -60kg cat, while Shiying and Dimanya were 1 of the 31/34 competitors in the Female Kumite -55/-61kg cat respectively. Despite it being Shengda's 4th, Shiying's 2nd and Dimanya/Emmanuel's 1st ever Series A event, we are happy that they have put up a good fight and fared decently against their opponents

KGS understands that it is never easy to put themselves on the international stage among strong competitors and we would like to commend their sportsmanship and perseverance. With every participation, our players improve and increase their chances bit by bit. Slowly but surely we will get there. As always, good effort to the team and may they keep the fire burning!


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